Management team

TcLand Expression’s ambition is to become a major player in personalized medicine in immunology. For this purpose, TcLand’s management team is made up of highly experienced professionals, specialized in all steps of biomarker development.

Management team biographies

Prof. Hüseyin FIRAT
President & CEO

He is a pediatrician and practiced as an associate professor in Paris University hospitals. After his PhD of Immunology at Pasteur Institute, he was accredited as research director, responsible of the Immunology Laboratory at Généthon.

In 2002, he joined then the Biomarker Department of Novartis Pharma, where he headed global omics data analysis sections worldwide, served as senior Biomarker Expert in International Project Teams and was member of Novartis Pharma Innovation Team, Basel. His research activities generated several patented discoveries, based on which three biotech companies have been created. In 2007, he has been accredited as University Professor in France and founded Firalis SAS. He is the CEO and CSO of the company since then, in coordination with several business and scientific advisors, both external and in-house.

He is the President of TC LAND since July 2013, upon acquisition by Firalis

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